Sucker Lake Records is a creative home for the collaborative and individual works of a core of artists bound by friendship and a passion for releasing quality music. Standing tall and defined in their own right, together the artists of Sucker Lake create projects woven together by their congregation of skills and talents. Through inspiration, hands-on assistance, guidance, and encouragement, Sucker Lake is for its artists, by its artists.

The five of us are united by a shared love of making things, namely songs and music videos. As our catalog of songs and visuals grew, we needed a collaborative way to release our projects. Because we all work on each other’s projects, Sucker Lake Records is a culmination of our collective aesthetics and imaginations.

Most of us live in “The Greenhouse”—a green-colored house tucked away just outside of Portland, OR, where we built a visual production space and a fully equipped sound recording studio. 

Before we were roommates and collaborators, we were good friends. Some of us go back as far as 3rd grade. Friendship is at the core of Sucker Lake, and our compulsion to share art with the world comes as a byproduct. We see ourselves as an ensemble with one shared mission: make cool stuff and put it out.

United across genres by a do-it-yourself attitude, we create everything on our own terms, push each other to realize our potential, and have good times.